Tuesday, November 29, 2022
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Isabella Caracci


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Hi Sherry,

I'm sorry that I haven't written sooner.  The past six months went by so quickly.  Isabella is the sweetest dog ever and has grown into such a lovable companion.  She adapted to the family quickly.

I worked with a trainer early on to assimilate Isabella into the pack with Jake, my 12 year old Yorkipoo who can be a bit of a grumpy guy.  The trainer said she has seldom seen such a smart and sweet dog.  She thinks Isabella could be trained as a therapy dog because of her calm and loving disposition.

I take Isabella to doggie daycare 2 days/week so she can be socialized with other dogs and gets to run and play.  She is the star of daycare.  All the dogs love to play with her because she is so much fun. 

I can't thank you enough for your excellent breeding center and the good start that you give to the puppies. 

I am attaching some pictures.  Some are at daycare with her playing with the other dogs.  She loves the big dogs!!!

Hope all is well with you and your puppies.

Best wishes,
The Parents to Isabella was Cookie and Hershey 


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Today is Isabella's 2nd birthday.  She is a puppy from Cookie and Hershey. 

Isabella continues to be the sweetest, most loving dog and my constant companion.

I broke my ankle last year and I was laid up for most of the year with 2 surgeries.  She is so smart and well behaved.  She made my recovery a little easier with her funny personality and loving affection. 

Isabella continues to go to doggie daycare one day a week so she can play and socialize with the other dogs.  She is the "star" of the group and still loves the big dogs.

Isabella and Jake are getting along fine.  Jake is now 13 years old and tries to keep up with her, but it's a challenge for him.  I think she is keeping him from getting "old".

Sherry, I'm thankful for the sweet puppy that you bred and sent to me.  She's the best!!!

I've attached some recent pictures.  One is with her friend at doggie daycare.  Another is Jake in the forefront with Izzy in the crate.

Best regards,
Melanie Caracci










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