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Auggie Parker


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image8 "sunbathing time."


This video is of Auggie learning a new trick Bethany taught him ("cover your eyes").
This video was taken on April 3, 2013.

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I've attached a few pictures so you can see how Auggie's growing. He's not very big in stature--I really don't know where he keeps the weight! He does have strong legs and loves to jump, though!
As you can see in a few of the pictures, he's not all black anymore. When he's in direct light, he has a red-brown tint, and some fur on his belly and underarms is tan. The picture of him in the e-collar is after he was neutered a couple weeks ago. He wasn't too happy about wearing that. :(
The picture with hi graduation cap on is after finishing puppy classes in January. He's starting intermediate classes next week. :)
Also, the picture where he is lying down in front of the window--we call that his "sunbathing time." ;)
Thanks again for all your help!! Auggie's been hard work, and sometimes he drives us crazy, but he can be really sweet sometimes, too. Everyone always comments on his cool fur color and also on how well he behaves (most of the time!). I've even recommended you to some of my friends who are thinking about getting a puppy.
I'll keep you updated on how big Auggie grows over the next months!
Thanks for everything,
Bethany Parker
UpDated 3-21-2013


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Bethany took Auggie to see Santa. Auggie is telling Santa what
he wants for Christmas.
Hi, Miss Sherry! I hope you and the dogs are doing well!
Auggie is growing everyday! He's gained almost three pounds since we picked him up. Everyone comments on how cute, smart, and calm he is when they see him. He loves for me to hold him and he likes to sit in my lap and just watch me (he's actually lying in my lap as I type this!). He still gets overly excited sometimes when he's playing and will start growling at us, but we've figured out he only does it when he's tired. If he starts growling, we immediately put him in his crate, and he'll calm down to take a nap.
Auggie has also taken very well to potty training. We hung bells on our door, and he rings them whenever he needs to go outside. Plus, he learns tricks so quickly! I taught him how to sit, lie down, come, and stay in less than two weeks. The past week I taught him how to shake and now we are working on "roll over." I also taught him a cute trick where I place a treat on his paw and he doesn't eat it until I give him the "OK." The family loves him so much!
A couple weeks ago I took him to see Santa Claus. Auggie was a hit! I've attached some pictures. Thanks again for all that you do!
Merry Christmas and God bless!
-The Parker Family
UpDated 12-15-2012
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Good evening, Miss Sherry!
Auggie had his vet checkup today, and all is well! He weighs 4.9 lbs now and is so wonderful. He has a great personality and loves to snuggle up with us and take a nap. He's eating well and plays a lot. Everyone who sees him falls in love with his cute face and eyes!
He is also doing really well with potty training and has only had a few accidents. He cries a little when we put him in his crate, but calms down after a few minutes.
Thank you so much for all that you do! We love Auggie very much and couldn't have asked for a better puppy!
-Bethany, Auggie, & Family
UpDated November 20,2012
The Parents to Auggie were Lacy & Chester
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