Tuesday, November 29, 2022
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Callie Rascoe

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Hey Sherry! I hope this finds you and your family doing well! Just wanted to share a few pictures of Callie as she turns a year old! We can’t believe she’s a year old already…this past year has flown by. She continues to be a wonderful addition to our family and we are extremely fortunate to have found you…and her! J She constantly entertains us and keeps us laughing!

Thank you again!

Shannon & Eddie Rascoe

(Callie’s parents are Sissy and JoJo)

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Hey Sherry!  I hope you and your family had a great Easter!  I just wanted to update you on Callie (her parents are Sissy and JoJo)…I can’t believe she turned six months old last week!  We have so enjoyed her and just love her to death!  She’s a very smart dog and keeps us laughing at some of her antics!  We had her groomed last week and I think she’s just the cutest thing ever!  I’ve attached a couple of pictures so you can see how much she’s changed…from the three pound puppy we brought home to right around 13 pounds at six months! J

Thanks again!
Shannon & Eddie Rascoe
UpDated 4-10-2012



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sandycallie Callie at the beach

Hey Sherry!

I hope this finds you and your family doing well.  I can't believe it's been
almost two years since we got Callie from you!  The time has flown by.  She
is such a sweet, smart dog who sometimes has a mind of her own...especially
when it comes to chasing squirrels, rabbits and deer!  She's a hunter as I
try my best to convince her otherwise! :) We are still so thankful for her
and feel very lucky to have added her to our family!  I've attached a few
pictures so you can see how much she's grown!

I hope you enjoy this fall season and the upcoming holidays!

Shannon and Eddie Rascoe








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